Your Guide to Finding a Brand Name Real Estate Agent

In late 2004 when a single real estate agent was tired of being pressured into conforming to other people's values, Brand Name Real Estate was born. This single agent was determined to offer his clients better service, than he could working for someone else. Other agents began to see the results of this vision. By the middle of 2008, this brokerage was quickly attracting other real estate agents to their team. They selected agents with a strong sense of ethics, as well as the experience and the self-confidence to work for themselves. Today Brand Name Real Estate having expanded into other areas in South Carolina, has over 150 agents. 

The mission of Brand Name Real Estate is to assist their agents in offering the very best service for their clients. This is accomplished by providing the flexibility and cost savings real estate agents need to represent their clients properly. Service above and beyond expectations is what is expected of Brand Name Real Estate’s agents.  On average, these agents are more experienced than most and have a strong desire to serve their clients, as well as their communities. It takes an independent contractor who is comfortable being self-employed to join this winning team. The advantage for these agents is the ability to customize the services they offer each and every client. Brand Name Real Estate realizes that all people are different and that is why we feel it is important for the public to work with a self-employed real estate agent. This brokerage may not be an option for agents new to the real estate business. With this being said when homebuyers work with agents from Brand Name Real Estate they can be assured they are working with an agent who has the knowledge and tools to sell their home or to represent them when they are purchasing a new home. If a real estate agent has the confidence, as a seasoned professional, to call their own shots, clients, buyer or seller should have confidence in them, as well. In today’s fast paced and highly competitive world, the assurance Brand Name Real Estate provides each and every client is paramount.


Listing Exposure at Brand Name Real Estate

With regards to listing exposure when selling your home it is all Internet driven these days and this is something Brand Name Real Estate agents understand and it is also something we feel is important for the person selling their home to be familiar with.

A misconception among some people looking to sell their home is if their home is not listed with a particular, traditional brokerage, their home will not be seen by as many buyers and will not sell as quickly or at all. In the past, when the local newspaper, national newspapers and other print publications were the best tools available to advertise listings, this was probably true.  Today, clearly the best tools are the Multiple Listing Service and the Internet. Real estate agents use websites to list not only their own listings, but almost every listing on their Multiple Listing Service as well. Many agents will go to great lengths to make sure their website scores the highest in search engines so each potential buyer in each market they sell might see it. The goal is for their website to be the first choice for buyers in hopes of obtaining buyer's leads.  The bottom line of course is regardless of what kind of website your agent has or does not have almost any home listed these days by a real estate agent is going to get about the same amount of exposure. So the point is that it is important to have a Brand Name Real Estate agent who knows your local real estate market and to not be overly concerned about how your home is marketed.

To expand on this when an agent posts his/her listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the listing is posted on websites all over the Internet, at no cost. Individual real estate agents have websites that pick up the listing.  Also real estate specific sites such as, Zillow, Trulia, show the listing.  General search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., also pick up the listing from these sites. An Internet Display feed, also called an IDX, allows real estate agents to display listings from all brokerages who belong to the same multiple listing services.

So, bottom line is that all listings get a ton of exposure though the Internet regardless of what brokerage or what agent a home is listed for sale with.  Usually buyer’s agents from a different brokerage, sell an agent’s listing.  The buyer’s agent job is to help their clients purchase a home.  The buyer views a home on the Internet, either through one of many agent websites or a general website like Trulia.  Next the buyer contacts their agent to view the homes they are interested in.  A buyer purchases a home based on whether or not it is the right home for them and their family with their agent’s guidance.  A buyer does not purchase a house because it is listed by a particular broker.

Many agents do double end and sell their own listings when the opportunity falls in place. Most often they do not.  Every agent is able to market a website of their own in hopes of collecting leads and of acting as a buyer's agent for as many properties as possible, whether the property is their own listing or another agent’s listing. This is true at Brand Name Real Estate and at almost all residential real estate brokerages anywhere in the United States.

In conclusion, the important thing to realize is at the end of the day the public can list a home with any real estate brokerage that engages in broker reciprocity and their home will get maximum exposure. In fact many times a home listed with an agent at another brokerage will be found on one of our Brand Name Real Estate agent's websites though again if not on one of ours it will just as easily be found on someone else’s. For a listing to receive maximum exposure, via the Internet, it makes little difference what brokerage it is listed with. The truth of the matter is real estate websites that allow you to search for homes are built to create buyer leads for agents who are trying to expand their client base but as an indirect result provide a great deal of exposure for all listings within their local multiple listing services.

Additional Exposure Beyond Expectations 

 While all homes for sale these days will receive about the same amount of exposure how they show up when propagated through the Internet does make a difference and how calls are handled from the signs in the front yard makes a difference as well. This is why we have automatic virtual tours, YouTube videos and call capture signs that are integrated with property websites for instance available to all Brand Name agents to share with our clients. We also have tools to see your home is posted on Craigslist and shared through other social media networks by your agent as these type of environments are social ones and require an individual agents supervision and charisma. You never have to be concerned that any pertinent item that could help your agent make a sale is forgotten about when working with a Brand Name Real Estate Agent.

Why Choose a Brand Name Real Estate Agent?

Today, the Internet is where the vast majority of people are searching for homes. The Internet is a valuable tool, but it is an agent’s knowledge of their local real estate market, combined their negotiation skills that are the most important factors to consider when choosing an agent. This is true if buying or selling.  Almost any intelligent agent can provide Internet exposure for the listing of your property, but it is the agent who is experienced in your community, who will provide the best overall service and this is why it is important to seek the experience of a Brand Name Real Estate agent.

Buying or selling, when considering hiring an agent, it is important to not settle for a generic agent. Always insist on a Brand Name Real Estate agent. Each agent’s experience, market knowledge and confidence is the key to a smooth and stress-free transaction.

Brand Name Real Estate’s website is designed to be a valuable guide. It is a strong tool for finding an agent to assist you with finding homes for sale and also to to find an agent to help you sell your home in all of the areas we operate. We look forward to working with our neighbors.